20th Reunion Survey

Your input will make it a success!

Let's make this the reunion we all want to see.

Give your feedback to help craft the experience!

Thank you so much for your time and thoughts - you are why we do this.

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1)   * The main reunion event is planned for Saturday, October 12. Are you interested in attending?

  Very likely
  Nope! (why not?)
2)   * Excluding yourself, how many guests would you like to bring?

  More than One (enter number of non-alumni guests)
3)   What type of event would you like to attend?

  Buffet dinner
  Plated dinner
  Outdoor barbecue / potluck
  DJ / dance
  Golf or other group event
  Full weekend shindig
  Other (fill in blank)
4)   What sort of formality do you prefer for the event?

  Very casual "flip flops and beer" type of event
  Low key informal event with cocktails and dinner
  Formal sit down dinner and dance
  Other (fill out)
5)   Potential venues and activities depend primarily on ticket price. Please select what price range would be acceptable for the type of event you chose in #3.

  $20-$40 per person
  $41-$60 per person
  $61-$80 per person
  $81-$100 per person
  $101-200 per person
  $$$ - I don't care the price, I'll pay it!!!
6)   Would you be willing to assist with the reunion planning or execution? (If yes, we will contact you - thank you!)

Yes No
7)   In an attempt to keep our 20th reunion at an affordable price for all our classmates to attend, would you or your company be willing to underwrite or sponsor any of the reunion expenses? (If yes, we will contact you - thank you!)

Yes No